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Celebrating the Summer Season

By July 11, 2015December 4th, 2020Workers Compensation
Travelers Drop By

To start off celebrating the summer season, the Miller Team likes to thank those that have helped our practice become what it is. The workers compensation world is a bit complicated, but with the help of Gallagher Bassett ServicesTravelers Insurance and many other insurance companies/TPA’s, they make process of completing cases as easy as possible.

Many people have shoulder, knee, and elbow injuries in their work field, and these insurance companies make the process as smooth as possible. Also with the help of Lisa, (our medical assistant), documents and medical records get to where they need to be within 48 hours or whenever the office notes are transcribed and finished. So if you are a case manager, attorney, adjuster, or physical therapist and have questions/concerns about a workers compensation case please comment on our site and we will give you our Workers Compensation Hotline for priority accommodation!

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July with the fresh treat and thank you to all the employees at Gallagher Basset.

“Orange you glad it’s Summer Travelers?!” Hope you all enjoyed all of your Orange refreshing treats for the hot summer weather.

Thank you all for the work that you do!

Mark Miller Md

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