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St. Louis athletes have a variety of options for high quality sports medicine practitioners in the metro area. However, when the ability to play is on the line, Dr. Miller is the sports medicine orthopedic surgeon that St. Louis athletes most commonly turn to for the treatment of challenging sports injuries to the knee and shoulder.

Having treated nationally recognized players on the women’s soccer team at UNC-Chapel Hill during his orthopedic residency, Dr. Miller then further cemented his sports medicine expertise through a shoulder fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City and a sports medicine fellowship at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL.

Not just the orthopedic surgeon sought out by St. Louis athletes already dealing with knee and shoulder injuries, Dr. Miller is a sports medicine orthopedic doctor St. Louis patients also look to for information for preventative advice. Dr. Miller actively strives to make education about proper sports medicine protocols a part of his relationship with each patient and makes a variety of sports medicine resources publicly available on this site for reference.

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Miller is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in the arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder and knee. As a founding partner of the Orthopedic Center of St. Louis, Dr. Miller has more than earned his reputation as a top orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor in the area. In addition to serving as a team physician for several local sports teams, Dr. Miller receives regular invitations to present research and speak on the topics of shoulder injuries and sports medicine at meetings and conferences throughout the country.

Dr. Miller: St. Louis Orthopedic Specialist

Like most orthopedic doctors, Dr. Miller specializes in injuries to specific areas of the body. As a shoulder and knee specialist, Dr. Miller’s comprehensive treatment options include everything from conservative measures like physical therapy and medication to arthroscopic surgery.

Though he is nationally recognized, for Dr. Miller, St. Louis is the perfect place to balance his personal and professional interests. Playing golf and running are among his top occupations outside the office, second only to spending time with his wife and three children.

For more information about Dr. Miller (St. Louis), please contact our office at 314-207-2969.

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