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Young Female Athletes

By August 1, 2016April 5th, 2022Running/Sports
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Since the amount of young women athletes have increased, the risk of overuse injuries has increased as well. Over 15 million girls in the United States ages 8-17 participate in at least one or more athletic teams. Fifty percent of them will or have been playing on teams since the age of 6 years old. Also, one third of those girls will or have been playing on three or more teams between 3rd and 5th grade.(Romeo)

Along with participating in multiple sports teams, comes an increase of common injuries such ACL tears or tennis elbow. Overuse injuries are at their greatest for young women, even though there are prevention programs out there. The highest risk sport for young athletes is track and field athletes and female hockey players.(Romeo)

If you are/have a young female athlete, please be aware of overuse injuries. Read Dr. Anthony Romeo’s journal entry in Orthopedics today. Stay safe out there and remember, not every office visit requires surgery. Just because you schedule an appointment to have our office check out your shoulder, knee or elbow injury, does not necessarily mean that you need surgery. Don’t wait, see this sports medicine doctor to prevent an overuse injury!