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Meet Nicola

By March 4, 2016November 12th, 2019Personal

Recently, our team members (Gretchen, Lisa, and Caryn) got to learn about some interesting facts about another culture. Nicola, from Midwest Occupational Medicine, has traveled numerous amounts of times in her lifetime. Originally being from England and her father from Ireland, Nicola has also lived in a couple different states in America as well as Germany. Now, located in Belleville, she amazingly still has her British accent.

During dinner, Nicola was explaining that she is adapting to the American slang, but gets herself confused and mixes it with British slang. She explained that she would speak out of context and say that ” the rubbish man, picks up the rubbish off the side of the street” (rubbish meaning trash). There were plenty of other words that are completely different in Britain than here in America. The conversation continued and turned into a long night of laughs and great food. Lisa, Gretchen, and Caryn were gobsmacked about all the different slang words over in Britain. To learn for yourself about all the different slang terms/phrases in Britain, Nicola has sent this to us that we would like to share on the link below.